A Portugal lifestyle

Join the thousands of expats who have found a new home in central Portugal. Investing in a property could give you a second home or a new location altogether.

Traditional property updated

Scott Gray Properties specialises in finding rustic old properties in Portugal and then redeveloping those properties.

Village life in central Portugal

Rural Portugal is a wonderful place to live - or to visit if you have a second home there. Take a look at the properties we are developing.

Now is the time to invest in a property in Portugal

Our central Portugal properties benefit from a high standard of construction and renovation. Most properties are in the central region of Portugal, north of Tomar and close to the dams which convert the River Zezeré into a series of lakes stretching over 100km north from the Castelo de Bode dam a dozen kilometres from Tomar.

Atalaia Cimeira

Atalaia Cimeira
This property comprises three old cottages on two lots.

Ave Casta house

Ave Casta house
We have a property here with tremendous potential to convert.